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Submitted to: Canada International Film Festival: 22nd November 2011 :)

Haya All - I’ve just submitted my film: ‘Different Personalities Clash’ to the Canada International Film Festival under the Student Films category - and tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll be burning off the copy and sending the DVD on it’s way :)

Exciting times - Exciting stuff!! :)

Keep you updated!!


Jeremy James Wood/D.P.C. 2011 :)

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Posted out DVD’s to my actors 16/11/2011

So on Wednesday I posted off my dvd submission to MIFF for 2012 and also copies to my actors…

Next week on Friday 25th November the RMIT screen and media film graduate awards are taking place - and all the student filmmakers are waiting (including me) to find out if our films have made it (been selected) into the screenings/awards night…?!

I’ll keep you up-to-date as things unfold… :)

JJW/D.P.C. 2011.

[P.s. I’m scouting for more film festivals currently for submissions for 2012… Happy Happy!! :) ]

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Submitted for Melbourne International Film Festival 2012

Haya Folks :)

I’ve just submitted ‘Different Personalities Clash’  for the 2012 Melbourne International Film Festival - and will be posting off the DVD submission tomorrow…

So fingers crossed for that!!!!!

Catch ya soon :)

Jeremy James Wood/D.P.C. 2011.

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'Different Personalities Clash', Update: 2nd Nov 2011

Hay Folks :)

I spent 4.25 hours today with Rob Hutchinson - my sound recordist and post-production sound engineer mixing the final cut audio, then Bounced out for Final Cut Pro tomorrow. Sound very good indeed - I’m a-happy mate!

Tomorrow I’ve got to check the colour grade and double check everything’s sweet!!

Bye for now :)


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Production Update: 29th September 2011…

Good day of editing - so close - just need to lay down some extra sound, some music in a few places (?) and a colour grade and it’ll be done - the short version - around:

8 minutes 46 seconds…

The longer version shall be the film as it is written, but the shorter version is nice and short/snappy too - so looking forward to seeing how it is received…?


Hehe - Chow for Now!

JJW/D.P.C. 2011

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Editing Update….30/08/2011

Haya All - today I’ve been editing my film: ‘Different Personalities Clash’…

Yup - its coming on nicely - and its fun - haha - The actor’s have done ‘outstanding work’ and the crew have shot it very well!!!

More updates soon :)


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Wednesday 10th August - 2 days to go…

Haya All - just updating the progress - I’ve been down to Kennards Hire in South Melbourne - Phil there has helped me with getting a Stop/Slow sign for friday’s shoot, and threw in 2 safety vests for free hire too - Good on ya Phil!! :)

Caught up with my 1st Assistant Director Jackie Mah, she and I talked about catering for the days..

Today I’m meeting my DOP Joshua Juwono and we’re heading up to location for a rehearsal/blocking session with Pauline Grace, Matthew Coote and Shane Neville - looking forward to this  - it’ll be great!!

Tomorrow I plan to be looking at Savers in Footscray for some worker’s overall/pants for the friday scenes…

More updates Tomorrow…